Functional Pilates

Combining traditional Pilates movements with functional training techniques

What is Functional Pilates?

Functional Pilates combines traditional Pilates methods with rehabilitative exercises. We focus on conditioning the core stabilising muscles, which in turn improves posture and movement.

The exercises typically involve resistance bands, stability balls, and other props to challenge the muscles and improve balance and stability. The movements adapt to different fitness levels and accommodate individual needs and limitations. We use therabands, stability balls and other small equipment.

Who is it Best For?

Functional Pilates can benefit individuals of all ages and fitness levels, improving overall physical function and reducing the risk of injury.

It is also commonly used in rehabilitation settings to help individuals recover from injuries or surgeries.

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Cancellation Policy

Please note that a 12 hour cancellation policy is in effect for our Pilates classes. No refunds will be given if bookings are cancelled within twelve hours of the class start time, no exemptions apply.

Class Details

        • VenueBirchwood
        • Day Thursday & Friday
        • Time Thursday 10.40am
          TimeFriday 9.15am
        • Duration 1 Hour
        • Single Session * £15.00

* Booked in Advance

Class Schedule


10:40am – 11:40am


9:15am – 10:15am

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