Read what some of our members have been saying about us

One of my patients said that joining Birchwood was life changing for him. He is attending almost every day and really enjoys doing exercise and your support is very valuable to him.


Health and Wellbeing Coach, NHS

My patient is really enjoying going there and is very happy that if she needs anything, she can always speak to Birchwood staff.

Overall access to the Strength Boutique gym is very much needed for our patients and they really appreciate it.


Health and Wellbeing Coach, NHS

My clients feel that the gym is in a good location and that Birchwood offers a variety of actives and a good mix of classes.

The gym has good, up to date equipment and is clean and tidy.

Pav and his team are very knowledgeable, welcoming and motivating. Clients feel at ease and under no pressure when attending either the gym or the classes at the leisure centre.


Wellbeing Coach, NHS

The Keep Moving scheme has been a great addition to the services we could offer to our patients. For last two years, we have referred many patients not only to the gym, but to the variety of classes and programmes that Birchwood Leisure Centre offers. The Keep Moving scheme allows us to refer patients to a physical activity scheme that they would never normally consider for themselves – and from the patients feedback, we hear that very many continue to join the gym on full membership.

The scheme offers a practical approach to promoting physical activity amongst our patients, with an aim to prevent or manage the long term conditions.

Evidence suggests that obesity can be modified through lifestyle interventions, and in Hatfield, we need schemes like Keep Moving to be available for patients, who otherwise could not start their lifestyle changing journey. With the current cost of living crisis, it is getting harder for people to pay gym memberships or to buy healthier food, so having Birchwood as one of our resources has been invaluable to our staff – but more so to our patients.


PCN Project Coordinator, Hatfield PCN