A throwing and grappling art, incorporating methods involving using an opponent’s energy and momentum against them

What is Judo?

Practised today by millions of individuals across the globe, Judo is undoubtedly the most popular combat sport in the world.

Primarily a throwing and grappling art, Judo incorporates methods that involve using an opponent’s energy and momentum against them to gain control or submission. Training typically involves practising various techniques with a partner and developing physical fitness, flexibility, and mental focus through solo exercises and drills.

Who is it For?

Judo players come in all shapes, sizes and ages! Men, women, girls, boys, growing teens, middle-aged Mums and Dads; there is hardly an age group that does not receive some tangible benefits from Judo at the level that suits them. Discover the benefits of Judo for yourself, regardless of your age or fitness level!

WGC Judo & BJJ Herts deliver this weekly class. To book, please phone 07966 273062.

Class Details

(Operated by WGC Judo & BJJ Herts)

        • VenueRoe Hill Hall
        • Day Tuesday
        • Time7.30pm
        • Duration 1 Hour 30 Minutes
        • Price & BookingCall Instructor

Class Schedule

Tuesday - Roe Hill Hall

7:30pm – 9:00pm

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