Colin’s Story

May 2, 2023 | News, Fitness, Gym

Colin has been attending the Falls Management Programme at Birchwood Leisure Centre for the past five weeks following bilateral quadriceps ruptures to both knees.

Coming along to the sessions, Colin was initially only able to walk with the help of crutches. He had difficulty moving from a sitting to a standing position. Over time, he rebuilt his strength and range of movement to a point where he could hold himself upright confidently and eventually move unassisted without crutches.

Speaking with our Health and Wellbeing Manager, Colin commented that the programme “has helped me in my recuperation… I have benefitted from these classes; they have helped in restoring the strength in my legs.

“I will continue with the programme for the foreseeable future. The classes are run by a very competent instructor who gives us plenty of encouragement and regular updates on our progress.”

As well as attending the Falls Management Programme sessions, Colin has been using the Strength Boutique gym three times a week. He is also attending our OTAGO classes at Birchwood Leisure Centre to boost his recovery further.

We’re so pleased with Colin’s progress in the short time he’s attended our sessions.

If you feel the programmes mentioned will benefit you, please get in touch and come along!



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