Walking Football: Colin Hancock, World Record Holder

Oct 3, 2023 | News, Fitness

An incredible story of resilience and determination has emerged within our very own Walking Football group at Birchwood Leisure Centre. Colin Hancock, one of our regular attendees, achieved a world record recognising him as the longest surviving triple heart bypass patient globally.

Colin’s inspiring journey towards this remarkable achievement began in his 30s, when he was at the peak of his physical fitness. However, a burning sensation in his chest signaled the onset of angina, leading to a series of tests and, ultimately, a five-hour triple heart bypass operation at St George’s hospital in London in 1977. At that time, heart conditions were not as well understood and treated as they are today, leaving Colin with a significant responsibility for managing his own recovery.

The operation was a success, but it marked the beginning of a long and challenging journey. With limited aftercare available, Colin took his health into his own hands. He embarked on a mission to regain his fitness, first on short walks in the local area and then, eventually, taking up the sports he enjoyed before his operation. It was during this time that he discovered the Walking Football group at Birchwood Leisure Centre.

Our Walking Football group offers a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals enjoy the beautiful game, even if they face mobility challenges or health conditions that preclude them from participating in traditional football. The group gathers for a more casual session every Tuesday, with a competitive session every Friday, each fostering a sense of camaraderie and promoting physical activity among its members.

Colin’s story serves as an inspiration to everyone facing adversity. His dedication to his health and fitness, even in the face of a major medical procedure, showcases the incredible potential within us all and the Walking Football group, with its commitment to inclusivity and well-being, provides a perfect platform for individuals like Colin to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Colin Hancock’s journey proves that with determination, support, and a positive environment, even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome, and new records can be set in the game of life. If you’re interested in joining this group, please visit the walking football page.


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