Maintenance and Renovations at Roe Hill Hall

Apr 2, 2024 | News

Recent maintenance and renovations at Roe Hill Hall have maximised the energy efficiency of the building, with the installation of new doors aimed at enhancing the venue’s overall comfort via heat retention and therefore lowering our carbon footprint. Additionally, a knee-high timber rail has been incorporated, adding both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits to the premises.
If you’re looking to host a function, party, or event in Hatfield – Roe Hill Hall could be the perfect place for you. Situated on 12.5 acres of grounds in the centre of the town, this highly active Sports and Community Centre can host a variety of functions, community activities, business events and private functions.
For information on Roe Hill Hall, our other locations at Lemsford, Howe Dell, and Newgate Street, or our meeting rooms at Birchwood Leisure Centre, please visit our venue hire page.


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