Caz’s Story: Falls Management

Jun 1, 2023 | Fitness, News

The Falls Management Programme (FaME) is designed to help people reduce the risk of falls. Made up of multiple levels, the FaME programme has been shown to improve strength, stability and confidence in balance. It is a national programme, delivered locally by specialist qualified exercise instructors who understand the age-related changes that happen in the body, as well as catering for those with medical concerns. The exercises are specifically developed to help keep you strong, steady and doing the things you enjoy for longer.

Class participant Caz was kind enough to share her experiences of the programme:

Caz’s Story

My name is Caz and I live in Hatfield. I’m retired with a few health issues and a history of slips and falls. Following surgery to my knee I began to feel very sorry for myself. I lacked motivation and had become very negative about my prospects of recovery. My surgeon encouraged me to take part in exercise classes to rebuild my strength and balance.

However, I was nervous about attending classes. I don’t know anyone locally and I thought that I wouldn’t be physically able to particate in classes. I was concerned that exercises would worsen the chronic pain in my joints and muscles. Having previously tried another type of class in a different centre (and leaving after 10 minutes once I managed to get myself off the floor) I was partially concerned I would embarrass myself again. However, I really wanted to restore my confidence in walking and reclaim my sense of self.

I contacted Pawel, the Health and Wellbeing Manager at Birchwood Leisure Centre, who went above and beyond to help me participate in the classes. In February, with some apprehension I began attending the Falls Management Classes. Alicja, who runs the group made me very welcome, explained everything to me and very quickly expelled my fears. The Group members were very welcoming – and it’s nice to know you’re not alone with strength and balance issues.

Feeling the Benefits

Although it is early days, I am already benefiting from attending the classes. I have started to see an improvement in my strength and sense of balance, my confidence has greatly improved and I feel a lot better within myself. I’m feeling more positive, less tense and anxious.

I thoroughly enjoy the classes and look forward to my weekly session. The group members are very supportive of each other. Alicja is so friendly and helpful, positively encouraging us all – always with a smile and little tips along the way to helps us get the best out of each exercise.

I can’t thank Alicja enough for all her kind support and encouragement. This newfound sense of wellbeing is helping me take back control of my Health. I plan to continue my classes and go on benefiting from improving my strength, stamina, stability and confidence -plus take advantage of other classes within Birchwood leisure Centre and the wider community.



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